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Helpful Info to Find Your Bracket and Mat

By Roger Riggins, 03/02/23, 9:45AM CST


How To Find Your Bracket and Where to Sit

  • After brackets are made, we'll split the session into two groups.
  • One group will be run on mats 1-5.
  • The other group will be run on mats 6-10.
  • Your weight class will be moved into one of those groups which are logically named.
  • On trackwrestling, find your weight class in one of the two groups and you'll be able to view the bracket and know which set of mats your wrestler will be competing on.


Young Arena Mat Layout and Seating

Check out the mat layout and seating prior to entering the arena.

How to Know When and Which Mat to Wrestle On

  • Each match on your bracket will have a unique bout number assigned to it.
  • The jumbotron in the center of the arena will have a mat assignment display that looks just like the picture below.
  • The bout numbers are assigned in order to the first available mat.
  • When your bout number appears on the jumbotron, it will tell you which mat you're wrestling on.
  • The display is color-coded.
    • Grey = In the hole (1 match before you)
    • Yellow = On deck (you are next)
    • Green = Up (wrestling right now)
  • When you are on deck, you should report to the matside scoring table to get your ankle band.

TIP: Want to have an idea of when you'll be up? Time for math! If your bout number is 25 away from what's already been assigned and you're competing on 5 mats then you know you'll get assigned in about 5 bouts of time. Each bout can last 3 minutes but sometimes goes faster. Take your 5 bouts multiplied by number of minutes (2-3) for your estimate and you'll come up with 10-15 minutes.